Here are some of my work projects:

  1. A base accounting software (with Delphi)
  2. An accounting software for shop stores (with Delphi)
  3. A Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software for taxi services (with Delphi)
  4. A store software (with Delphi)
  5. A cost estimation software for concrete buildings (with Delphi)
  6. A thesis management software for universities (with Delphi)
  7. An association plan for civil tasks (with Delphi)
  8. An accounting and management software for civil corporations (with Delphi)
  9. An educational system scheduling for educational institutes (with Delphi)
  10. An accounting and management software for flower market stores (with Delphi)
  11. A billing and invoice software for fast food shops (with Delphi)
  12. A simple income management software (with Delphi)
  13. The financial management of the industrial accounting software (with Delphi)
  14. A mental arithmetic software for some arithmetic operations (with Delphi)
  15. An advertisement website (with ASP.NET and C#.NET)
  16. A Web search engine for obtaining news from various news websites (with ASP.NET and C#.NET)
  17. A simple school automation (with ASP.NET and C#.NET)
  18. A website for an educational institute (with ASP.NET and C#.NET)
  19. A personal website (with ASP.NET and C#.NET)
  20. A win-based application for presentation (with C#)
  21. A 3D villa environment (with Chief Architect)
  22. A story notebook software (with Visual Basic)
  23. A corporation website (with Web Creator Pro)
  24. A personal website (with Web Page Maker)
  25. A website for an educational institute (with Web Page Maker)
  26. Various catalog, visit card, and CD label projects (with Adobe Photoshop)
  27. A hospital information support system (HIS) model (with Rational Rose and UML)
  28. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) model (with Rational Rose and UML)
  29. Analysis of task management for a civil corporation (with Rational Rose and UML)


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