Here are my supervised MSc theses:

  1. Routing in WSNs using network coding
  2. An efficient clustering routing method in WSNs
  3. Placement of VMs in Cloud computing using fuzzy theory
  4. A healthcare congestion control in WSNs
  5. A prioritized congestion control in WSNs
  6. Detecting selective forwarding attacks in WSNs by fuzzy logic
  7. Detecting malicious nodes in WSNs by MCDM
  8. Prolonging the network lifetime of WSNs by limited members of clusters
  9. A distance-based congestion control in WSNs
  10. A routing protocol in BASNs using MCDM
  11. A smart priority-based congestion control in WSNs
  12. Increasing the reliability in Grid computing using fuzzy theory
  13. A congestion control mechanism in WSNs using MCDM
  14. Intelligent multi-layered control avoidance in WSNs using fuzzy theory
  15. Recovering network errors in WSNs by network coding
  16. Increasing the performance of VANETs using MCDM
  17. An energy-efficient data aggregation in WSNs using fuzzy logic
  18. Congestion avoidance in WSNs using neural networks and fuzzy logic
  19. Resource discovery in Cloud computing using fuzzy logic
  20. Increasing the reliability of WSNs using MCDM and SVM
  21. Adaptive data aggregation and energy efficiency in clustering WSNs using network coding
  22. A strategy for resource discovery in Cloud computing using fuzzy logic
  23. Enhancing the reliability of WSNs using supervised machine learning and fuzzy decision making
  24. Increasing the reliability of WSNs with a minimal overhead of performance and energy
  25. A control and monitoring system with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  26. The improvement of message diffusion process in VANET
  27. An intelligent control system by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and a neural network model
  28. An efficient virtual machine placement in cloud systems by fuzzy theory and machine learning


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