Here are my advised MSc theses:

  1. Increasing the QoS in WSNs using a clustering routing
  2. A fault tolerant mechanism in WSNs
  3. Improving the performance of delay tolerant mobile sensor networks using a queue management schema
  4. Enhancing the efficiency of delay tolerant mobile sensor networks with multiple mobile sinks
  5. Balancing the traffic rate in WSNs with a congestion control method
  6. Preventing the black hole problems in WSNs
  7. Preventing the energy holes problem in WSNs
  8. Enhancing the network lifetime of WSNs with clustered heterogeneous sensors
  9. A tree-based routing method in WSNs
  10. A data replication method in Grid computing
  11. An ontology-oriented service discovery method in Cloud computing
  12. Enhancement of the graph theory by evolutionary algorithms


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